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Burning Tutorial DJ3

Before using anything relating to Disc Juggler be sure to check if your CD Burner is up to date as well as checking out other support information here. For a list of burners Disc Juggler is compatible with go here.

Lets Get Started
First thing you need to do is download and extract " " that you downloaded on the previous page. I assume you already know how to do this. If you do not, then you have some serious learning problems and should seek help immediately.

Extract it where ever you want to. Then continue to the next step.

Start up Disc Juggler 3 and a box which looks like the picture below should pop up, if not then click the "File / New" if you do not get a box which looks like the box in the picture. Select the item CD Image to CD Recorder, if you do not have that option then you need to try another alternative.

Once you do that another box should appear which details the whole burning process. Just ignore everything you see and focus on the section that looks like this. Click that button on the left side. A browse box will appear. You need to find the file " " which you extracted from the file " " and then press "Open" when you have found it.

You will now be brought back to the main screen which you should then focus on the section which you see below. Make sure where my cursor is pointed says 2 session(s), 2 track(s) on YOUR computer. If it does not say that you will have problems. Also make sure that you have you CD-Burner checked where it says destination and make sure that it also shows up in that box.


Now ignore all the other options there are, you do not need to change anything else for this to work. In other words ignore the "Advanced Options" tag you really do not need it. You start button should be click-able, if it is press it and I recommend not touching your computer because you will get buffer under-runs and those are never good, but if it is grayed out like the picture below either try putting a CDR in (doh!!!) or your CD Burner may just not be supported.

(Note: While burning I recommend not touching your PC until it is done, when you touch it while it is burning it can cause errors in the burning process.)

When it is done burning take it out and put it in your Dreamcast and you should be good to go.

If you have ANY problems be sure to check out the support page to make sure your burner is fully supported and or what problems certain burners may have. If you still can't get this to work I suggest the Nero Burning Rom alternative.

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