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Dragon Visions Interview

Synlor interviews the new Dreamcast programming/hardware group Dragon Visions

DATE: October 15, 2002

Synlor: Can i just have everyone state there name, and what they do for the team?

TheGatesofBill: David Maher - Assistant Coding Director and Head of Modding
DCMASTER1: Christopher Guerriero- Hardware Modder
dcdeathscythe: Daryl Dennis - Head Coding Director & Founder

Synlor: So why did you start this group dcdeathscythe?

dcdeathscythe: Well, I've always wanted to develop for a console. I happened to find that the Dreamcast would be the best.

Synlor: What made you choose the dreamcast?

dcdeathscythe: Well, one its not really that hard to program for... Two its got good hardware.. graphics, sound, etc... Plus I didn't like the way it died out. It went out silent. Nobody really got to see its true potential.

Synlor: So you are trying to continue the 'dream' in a way?

dcdeathscythe: Yes

Synlor: How did you get your name, Dragon Visions, and who came up with it?

TheGatesofBill: That was DeathScythe. I came up with the motto: "Dreamers of the Future"
dcdeathscythe: Well, lol I'm a medevil fan so I came up with Dragon Visions. Dragons being mythical and one of a kind and being able to see more than any creature.

Synlor: how many members do you have total at this time?

TheGatesofBill: 5
TheGatesofBill: 2 software
TheGatesofBill: 3 hardware
TheGatesofBill: and the web guy

Synlor: What are your guys current projects?

TheGatesofBill: Controller2DC
DCMASTER1: Im working on a VMU backlight
TheGatesofBill: Controller2VMU
TheGatesofBill: RogueDC

Synlor: sounds great, looking forward to see them. Do you have a time where they will be approximately released, or is it to early to tell?

dcdeathscythe: Kinda early yet......
TheGatesofBill: I hope to have Controller2DC done in about a month and a half
dcdeathscythe: At the moment we want make sure everyone is up to speed on everything...
TheGatesofBill: with Controller2VMU about a week or two later
dcdeathscythe: programming wise and projects.
TheGatesofBill: RogueDC is too early to tell
DCMASTER1: I should have my project done by next week, hopefully

Synlor: Whats this project cannibal i've heard about?

TheGatesofBill: that would be isato kaza's project, he's not here right now
TheGatesofBill: it is a project that is a continuation of dcgrendal's project. he has already dissambled his dc and put it in a pc case and he hopes to start adding hard drives soon

Synlor: Are you taking on more members, and if so who should they contact?

TheGatesofBill: We are in need of additional programmers. They should go to if they want to join

Synlor: So you got the hardware end pretty much taken care of?

TheGatesofBill: Well we could take more, but we don't need them as much as the programmers.
dcdeathscythe: as of right now, Gates and I are the only ones that program. so programming at the moment as you know is a little slow

Synlor: Do you have any experince for devving for console?

TheGatesofBill: No

dcdeathscythe: Nope, tried once for Sega Saturn then gave up on it... There wasn't enough information out for me work with at the time

Synlor: do you guys have anything you just want to say that we haven't covered yet?

dcdeathscythe: One of my personal goals is to at least come out with a great game that everyone likes. right now I'd be happy if we could games out on a 2d level. My personal goal is 3d

Synlor: Well thanks guys for the interview, I hope i didn't mess up to much tonight.


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