+-------------------------------------------+ | NeoPocott DC v1.0 | | Based on NeoPocott Version: .38b | | Copyright (c) 2000 Ganksoft Entertainment | | http://www.ganksoft.com | +-------------------------------------------+ ----------------- Table of Contents ----------------- 0.0 Introduction 1.0 Burning Instructions 1.1 Self-boot Images 1.2 Individual Files 1.3 User Files 1.3.1 Box Scans and Screenshots 1.4 Additional Information 2.0 Controls 3.0 Known Issues 4.0 Contact Information 5.0 Acknowledgements 5.1 Ganksoft Staff 5.2 Others 6.0 Closing Words 7.0 Legal Info ------------------ 0.0 - Introduction ------------------ NeoPocott DC is a port of Julien Frelat's NeoPocott to the Dreamcast. NeoPocott is an emulator for the Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld game system. -------------------------- 1.0 - Burning Instructions -------------------------- NeoPocott DC can be burned in one of two ways. --------------------- 1.1 - Self-boot Image --------------------- Two self-boot images are provided, one for Disc Juggler v3.0 and one for Nero Burning ROM. For more information on Disc Juggler, please visit http://www.padus.com . For more information on Nero, please visit http://www.nero.com . If your CDR drive is not supported by Disc Juggler or Nero, please read the section 1.2 for information on making your own program CD. ---------------------- 1.2 - Individual Files ---------------------- The second distribution is all of the individual files that are included in the Disc Juggler/Nero images, but instead of burning a prepared disc image, you will need to burn the files as they are layed out in the .zip file. This will require you to either make the disc self-boot on your own, or will require the use of some type of boot disc. The layout for this CD is as follows: /1ST_READ.BIN - Program file /IMAGES - NeoPocott DC user interface images Additionally, you can put your ROMS, screenshots and box scans on this CD. Please see the next section for the proper layout of these sections. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Ganksoft will not be providing detailed instructions on creating your own self-boot Dreamcast CDs. Please see section 1.4 for some web sites that contain detailed information on how to make your own self-boot CD. ---------------- 1.3 - User Files ---------------- If you've burned the self-boot disc image listed in section 1.1, you will need to create a separate CD filled with your own ROM images, box scans and screenshots. This CD should be burned in XA1 format. It can also be burned as a multi-session disc if you wish to add additional ROMs, box scans or screenshots at a later date. If you are making your own self-boot CD from section 1.2, these files can be burned onto the same CD eliminating the disc swap. Here is the layout for these directories: /ROMS - ROM Images /SCREENS - Screenshots for game select screen /BOXES - Box scans for game select screen ROM images can end in any extension (.ngp, .ngc, etc.). This program will not look at the extension. ROMS MUST BE UNZIPPED! When you start the program from the self-boot, it will notify you when it is time to swap in your own CD. Do so at the prompt, and leave this CD in the drive for the duration of the program. --------------------------------- 1.3.1 - Box scans and Screenshots --------------------------------- Screenshots and box scans MUST be in .bmp format and MUST be 160x152x24bpp . If the images are saved in any other format or any other size, they will not be displayed. These files must be named after the number of the game that is assigned to it by SNK. You can find a complete list of these games and numbers in this .zip file. For example, if you were creating a box scan for Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll see that it is game number "0059". So, you'd name the file "0059.bmp" and put it in your "BOXES" directory. If you were creating a screenshot for the same game, you'd also name it "0059.bmp" but you'd save it to the "SCREENS" directory instead. ---------------------------- 1.4 - Additional Information ---------------------------- You may find useful burning information at the following sites. These are not affiliated with Ganksoft in anyway so we cannot be held responsible for what the pages may contain. http://www.consoledev.com/jules/nero/ http://mc.pp.se/dc/ / -------------- 2.0 - Controls -------------- Title screen Up / Down - Selection arrow A / Start - Select Credits Up / Down - Switch between credit sections Game Selection Up / Down - Move highlight bar X / Y - Page up/ Page down, respecitvely A / Start - Select In-game Control Pad - NGPC control pad A / B - NGPC A / B Y - NGPC Option X - Back to selection menu ------------------ 3.0 - Known Issues ------------------ There are a few known issues with this release of NeoPocott DC. Here is a list: - Some games are too fast. Some games are too slow. We're working on a better throttling system and even more optimizations to make all games run at their proper speed. - No sound. NeoPocott itself does not support sound, so this port does not either. A future version of NeoPocott DC will have emulated Neo Geo Pocket Color sound as well as some user interface sounds. ------------------------- 4.0 - Contact Information ------------------------- Before sending us email, please be sure you've read this document in its entiretly. If you still have questions, please check our web site at http://www.ganksoft.com and look in the "Support" section to see if your question is already answered. If all else fails, you may contact us at tech@ganksoft.com . ---------------------- 5.0 - Acknowledgements ---------------------- -------------------- 5.1 - Ganksoft Staff -------------------- - Brian Peek (brian@ganksoft.com) Lead Programmer - Bob Thayer (bob@ganksoft.com) Lead Artist - Mike Wojnar (mike@ganksoft.com) Lead Game Tester ------------ 5.2 - Others ------------ - Julien Frelat Author of NeoPocott - Dan Potter Author of libdream ------------------- 6.0 - Closing Words ------------------- Please be aware the Ganksoft CAN NOT AND WILL NOT provide ANY information on obtaining Neo Geo Pocket ROMs, box scans, or screenshots. Also note that we will NOT provide any information on burn methods NOT listed above. We are providing it in three different distributions such that everyone can use it in one way or another. ---------------- 7.0 - Legal Info ---------------- THIS PROGRAM IS NOT ENDORSED BY, LICENSED BY, WARRANTED BY, OR IN ANY OTHER WAY CONNECTED WITH SEGA ENTERPRISES. Sega and Dreamcast are registered trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Neo Geo Pocket Color is a trademark of SNK. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.