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Featured IN!

Welcome to our brand new page which helps you explore which parts of this WHOLE new ERA of emulation on the consoles started out. This includes some of the first articles of DCEMULATION and DCDEV as well as many other things relating to this great community. They will be listed below.

If you have any scanned articles that you can contribute please to

EGM Interview - an interview with EGM magazine.
CVG Interview - an interview with Computer And Videogames magazine.

Featured in EGM Magazine Again
This time EGM featured for homebrew developement, check out this scan.
Page 1

Featured in tech TV
Tech TV featured an whole segment on Dreamcast Emulation and etc and mentions and even on the show has them browsing through
Check out the online article

EGM Big Article 5 Pages

EGM wrote an awesome article on emulation in general and hopefully clears up many problems people had with emulation in general, it also list's dcemu on one of the pages.
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

Game Lab Japanese Magazine

Our first real appearance in the public. Here are some scans of the magazine. They feature us
Game Lab Cover
Game Lab Featured Page

Expert Gamer Features DCEMU
Our U.S. debut in a U.S. Magazine which talks about QuakeDC and NesterDC which refers to our site. Although, not much else was talked about. Ganksoft also appeared.
Expert Gamer Featured Page

EGM Features DCEMU and Emu's on one page.
Our second U.S. Debut and its going strong. The latest Issue of EGM ( Electronic Gaming Monthly) featured an entire page of information relating to Dreamcast Emulation and such.
EGM Featured Page 38

FHM Magazine Features our site and others
FHM magazine has featured an article with our site as well as other usefull sites on the net.
FHM Featured Page 55

Power Unlimited Dutch Magazine
A Dutch magazine which has featured as one of its resources. It talks about our site and how great this new stuff has gone.
Power Unlimited Featured Page

A UK magazine featured QuakeDC in it.
Scanned Article

Dreamcast Magazine
An article featuring DreamSNES was placed inside this mag.
Scanned Article

Dreamcast KULT
This magazine featured details about the mp3 player and movie player.
Scanned Article

EDGE Magazine
This magazine featured a GIANT article about the dreamcast dev project as well as emulation and many other things. The biggest article yet.
EDGE Magazine Page One Scanned Article
EDGE Magazine Page Two Scanned Article
EDGE Magazine Page Three Scanned Article
EDGE Magazine Page Four Scanned Article
EDGE Magazine Page Five Scanned Article

Official Dreamcast Magazine UK
This article discusses mostly about how they recieved a few cds with dreamcast emulators on them. It discusses some emulator called Sega MD which I believe is really SegaGEN but they decided to change the name. Unless, someone can verify SegaMD exists. They also talk negatives about emulation as a whole calling it piracy and such.
Scanned Article 1
Scanned Article 2

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