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  • How can I selfboot with bin2boot and discjuggler or nero?
  • Why did they make it?
  • Does QuakeDC support Multiplayer?
  • Can you save?
  • Are all these files in the wince folder really needed?
  • Will Quake Mission Pack 2 (aka Dissolusion of Eternity) work with QuakeDC?
  • Will Hexen II run on QuakeDC?
  • Who made QuakeDC and how?
  • How are the buttons mapped?
  • Will the X-Men TC work with QuakeDC?
  • How do I burn a nonselfbooting disc with cdda music?
  • How do I burn a multisession nonselfbooting disc...
  • Does QuakeDC support the Dreamcast mouse?
  • Can you have CDDA background music like on the PC?
  • Will Quake Mission Pack 1 (aka Scourge of Armagon) work with QuakeDC?
  • Is the source code avalible?
  • Will Mod X work with QuakeDC?

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