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  • Those damned hearts are in my way of the text, can I do something about them?
  • Those hearts still annoy me, can I remove them?
  • [0.9.5] Why does my screen flicker like mad?
  • When is the next version of DreamSNES coming out?
  • [0.9.6] Only the first few ROMs on my roms cd appear, what gives?
  • I want to use the "Select" button in a game, but the DC has no select button! What can I do?
  • Do IPS roms work on it?
  • How do I get back to the game list once I'm sick of a game?
  • Where does the roms.lst file go, and what format is it in?
  • The sound in the opening screen is grainy, it slows loading time, can I remove it?
  • Do games need to be unzipped or zipped?
  • (Insert Game Here) Doesn't work. What should I do?
  • Does lightgun support really work in this release?
  • My Old ROMS disks don't work / Where do I put my roms?
  • How do I burn this thing?
  • Can I burn DreamSNES non-selfboot?
  • My screen is 2/3 up the TV, help!
  • [0.9.5] My saves don't work! It saves, it takes up space on my VMU, but it won't load, what's up?
  • I cant see the stuff in the corners!
  • How can i speed up performance?
  • Game X worked in DreamSnes 0.9.4, but it (doesnt work / works slower) in 0.9.5/0.9.6
  • This emu sucks for (insert reason here)!
  • Are Game Genie codes supported?

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