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What burning programs does DCEmu support?

Due to amount of burning programs on the Internet and the fact that we have neither the space nor resources to support, create, and write tutorials for all the formats, we only support the following options on DCEmu. Do not ask for other options.

For CD Images:

DiscJuggler - The best way to burn Dreamcast stuff. If DiscJuggler works for you, use it to burn your stuff.

Nero Burning Rom - The second best program to use. Although has more problems than DJ, it has support for a wider range of burners.

Easy CD Creator, CloneCD, etc. - We do not support these other burning programs, for they are not widely used, they are mostly disliked, and least compatible. To help us troubleshoot your problems, you need to use what is supported by us. If you insist on using unsupported programs, then you are forced to use the more complicated plain files method.

ROM Disks - We only support one program for burning ROMs. We only support Nero. Nero is the most compatible Burning program - even more compatible then Easy CD Creator. That is why we require that you use it.

Plain Files - the plain files method requires you to be a bit smarter with computers and have a better understanding of how your CD burner works. you can use this method to create selfbooting game discs instead of creating one for ROMs and one for the software. Check for tutorials under each emulator page.

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