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Is the source code avalible?

No. Many people have argued that because Quake's source was released under the GPL license that Titanium Studios MUST release the source to QuakeDC. Just because its under the GPL doesnt always mean that EVERYONE should have access to the source. Here are three points to note on why the public doesnt have the source avalible to them.
1) its not being officially distributed by Titaniums Studios. The few licenced developers that did get QuakeDC from them also got the source. Their obligation to release the source is therefor fulfilled. 2) Something thats recently been realized by some of the custom GLquake coders is that the GPL does not allow them to use librarys that are not free or GPL as well. Since QuakeDC uses WinCE (which uses several librarys that arent free) it breaks the GPL anyway. For example... Tomaz had to declare one of his TomazQuake engine releases illegal because it contained FMOD music support. All later releases of his engine do not include FMOD support. 3) Id Software does not care that the source isnt publicly avalible. But they do not care that we (the dc owning public) have and play it eather.

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