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How are the buttons mapped?

Here is the stock bindings for the Dreamcast controller.
bind "DC_TRIGL" "+jump"
bind "DC_A" "+back"
bind "DC_Y" "+forward"
bind "DC_B" "+moveright"
bind "DC_X" "+moveleft"
bind "DC_DUP" "impulse 10"
bind "DC_DRIGHT" "impulse 10"
bind "DC_DDOWN" "impulse 12"
bind "DC_DLEFT" "impulse 12"
bind "DC_TRIGR" "+attack"

The analog stick works much as the mouse would on a PC. View is not inverted (up looks up and down looks down) by defult. This can be changed in the options menu if you perfer it to be inverted.

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