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Will Hexen II run on QuakeDC?

Short answer... No. Most of the stuff from hexen is incompatable with quake. Sure Hexen uses the Quake1 engine... but it also has modifications and a few extra features that Quake doesnt have or support.

Long answer is... Not unless you want to do a lot of work and are happy with it being less than perfect.

The maps all would need converted. They are the same version number as normal quake maps (map and engine developers know about version numbers) But they do not work exactly the same. The method used to convert Quake2, 3, Half-life, Sin or Daktanna maps does not work on Hexen II maps.

The models may work as is... if QuakeDC can handle useing a nonquake1 pallette. If not then every model's skin(s), every texture, and every sprite would have to be extracted converted to the quake pallette and reinserted where they're supposed to be.

Last hurdle would be recoding the progs.dat to include all the monsters, items, weapons, and special features that were in Hexen II. You could fill some of the engine gaps useing QC... or atleast fake them.

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