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When is the next version of DreamSNES coming out?

When it's finished.

No one knows when that is. DreamSNES has had four versions released: 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, and .95. While each had improvements upon the previous (mostly in the area of saving games), they had no significant improvements in speed, except .95, which has had a nice little speed improvement and .96 with a much better speed improvement. As far as I follow it, when DreamSNES reaches 100% speed for most games then it will be considered version 1.0. Because a large number of people on the old DreamSNES forums kept asking when the next version was going to be released, when version 1.0 was going to be released, and why anything was going to be released without major speed improvements, Peter Bortas (the developer) decided to put a freeze on any future releases of DreamSNES until version 1.0. On Valentine's Day 2002, the DreamSNES team surprised us all with .95, though, and 10 days later .96. But the bottom line is that there may be no further releases of DreamSNES until version 1.0 is considered complete, and there is no ETA on DreamSNES 1.0. In the meantime please have fun with the latest version, DreamSNES 0.9.6 and turn the sound off if you want to play most games at full speed.

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